Thursday, April 15, 2010

4.12.2010 Oink & Ellie's Big Day

It is nice to have a friend like Oink that can go into surgery with Ellie. Oink stayed with Ellie all through the surgery. He even had his own hat and name tag.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2.4.2010 Little Helper

Josh loves to help daddy with the laundry. He unloads an entire basket of clothes, puts them back again and then unloads them again. Lucky for dad this load wasn't folded yet.

2.3.2010 Pacified

Josh chews on his pacifier...sideways. Sometimes he even places the whole thing into his mouth. Chewing on everything those little munchers are so cute.

2.2.2010 Run, Run, Run

Ellie and Josh love to have fun and play together. Now Ellie chases Josh around the house being the puppy. Run Josh, run.

2.1.2010 Sleep Horsey

Ellie tucks in Josh's rocking horse into her red wagon. Always caring for animals Ellie has a big heart.

1.31.2010 Daddy Time

Around 8:30pm Josh starts to get a little grumpy. Josh continues to be grumpy until he gets to sit on Daddy's lap in the chair. Then they watch TV together and bond.

1.30.2010 Date Day

Shawn and I took a day to get groceries and have a date night. I took the camera to take a picture of us having fun and being together. Well, I forgot that photo but we laughed as I took this photo. Really? Who writes this stuff?